Cyrille Berliat

Welcome. I am Cyrille Berliat and I currently work as a Partner Technology Manager for Google Inc. in New York City.

I value data-driven decisions and out-of-the-box solutions. I am passionate about technology, especially mobile, new media and how our societies organize themselves. My hobbies include photography, news curation and personal projects.

My main strengths are: understanding complex systems, adaptability, and turning chaos into order.

My education and experience intersect both technical and business environments (MSc. Eng. from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, MS Strategy & Management from ESSEC Business School). I thrive in roles composed of these 2 dimensions.

Starting as a software developer, I felt I needed to connect more with my users, resulting in several freelancing and a Android Market User support experiences. But I've realized along the way what my mission should be: leverage technology to solve users' problems at scale. As such, I am an aspiring Technical Product Manager.