Cyrille Berliat

Humanist photographer

I view photography as a capturing art, a gateway to experience a given situation through the artist's eyes. I take most pleasure to picture people from around the globe in their most common or touching daily activities. These marks at the same time the cultural differences; but more importantly our similarities as Humans.

Aside from the obvious light experiments, I intend to pose as a neutral observer, trying to capture emotions and "moments" without being noticed nor interfering. This means that all my pictures are as close as I could to the original: authentic, on the spot, as minimally post-processed as possible.

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I've picked up photography about 7 years ago as a hobby, and a replacement from acting as I started traveling too much. Browsing this selection of pictures, you may find very distinct phases that I've gone through.


The first movement I've experimented with is around light. Night photography always appealed to me for the beautiful contrasts and the difference with the eyes perception. It's also a fertile playground for long exposure, in which you can create "ghostly" pictures, or simply show mouvement as you'll never see them otherwise.

The second one builds upon my incessant traveling. In the more than 40 countries that I've visited, my cameras always joined me, and I got to exert a more "commercial" eye. In these, you’ll see beautiful landscapes & sceneries, as well as items and buildings of everyday life.

Finally, in a more recent development, I have turned to humanist photography - pictures that testify of day-to-day life. If there is key understanding I've gained through traveling, is that no matter how different our social customs are, humans are identical at their core. I believe documenting these key cultural differences only reflect how similar we are, and I try to do so as genuinely as possible.

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