Veliby Description

Veliby is an Android application that lets you localize at a glance all nearby bike-sharing stations.

Veliby was born in Paris, from the need to have a much faster and convenient app than the official one, as well as curiosity on how to build Android applications.

Today, it is comprised of a client Android app, but also a middle-ware that transcribes any input data into 1 unique data format. Thanks to this, Veliby can in theory support any bike-sharing system in the world from a simple server update -- no client udpate required!

Furthermore, the middleware also compacts and strips down the information from the bike-sharing systems to make the system much more efficient where it matters, that is on the phone.

Technologies used: Java, Php

Casual Cards

Casual Cards

Casual Cards Description

Casual cards transform a personal object of yours into a dedicated name card.

Casual cards are an original idea that you can meet people outside business context, and want to be able to distinguish every single of these encounters. The best support for casual cards are personal items, such as flight tickets: they are one-time use and nominative, ensuring each person is unique, and your encounter is marked as such.

Casual cards bring back identity to name cards.